Christian Youth Development Agency International (CYDAI) is a non-governmental organization founded on 11th May, 2011, with a registration number 2719. CYDAI-CBO is a church and community-based organization for orphans and widows, as well as a community protection project, with coverage to four states in South Sudan: Jubek, Aweil, Lol, Wau, and Bentiu.

CYDAI offers humanitarian and social development to orphans, widows and communities in South Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda—East Africa. The organization/community-based organization provides technical, educational and material assistance to poor orphans and communities. It was established by a group of church intellectuals.

The CYDAI community-based organization was founded to eliminate the spread of children living on the streets and to promote the concept of community development. It was established as a response to the spread of orphans/children living on street and widows in various towns in South Sudan.

The main objective of Christian Youth Development Agency International, CYDAI is to revive the orphans and widows and communities in Greater Upper Nile, Bahr-el Ghazal and in the Equatorial region, who are in condition of need, hardship, and hunger, as a result of civil war in South Sudan and the economic crisis.