About Us

Welcome to CYDAI About Us page. Read more below to find out who we are and what we do. Read about our motto and slogan, mission statement, vision statement, core values and our current achievements. With God, we can do much more.

Motto and Slogan

“To visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep them oneself unspotted from the world”. James 1:27


CYDAI is dealing with orphans, Widows and poor communities to provide those schools, health care, Hospitals, business, food seed and power improvement to have for re-consistence matters of country affairs.

The response who creates this NGO is an orphans since his father was been killed by Arab left him orphans until now God has called him to have passion of orphans and widows in their suffering. Pastor John Wek


The vision of the CYDAI organization is to bring the people of South Sudan together and unite them so as to exert much effort in promoting development and raising standard of the people; regardless of their gender, religion, ethnic groups through supporting schools and opening churches in various communities site.

Our Care Values

  • To love.
  • To live in humility.
  • To live in righteousness and holiness.
  • To be respectful.
  • To live in obedience.
  • To be patriotic and love our nation.

CYDAI Achievements

CYDAI organisation has achieved the supporting of orphans and widows in South Sudan and South Sudanese Refugees in Kenya, and Uganda, which was a great achievement. We have opened CYDAI Primary School (CPS) in Aweil, South Sudan. We have opened Pastors’ School in South Sudan to support the mission work of God through missionary ways. We have to improve when we get some funds from humanitarian agencies and from the NGOs according to the project needs that will be implemented. We have our Mission and Vision work activities.

Logo and Meaning

 The organization has adopted three colors used in the symbols and in words to represent the logo.   The logo defines the meaning of the mission, vision and purpose of the organization as mentioned below:

Blue: Represents Aspiration and Commitment.

Red: Represents Almighty God.

Yellow: Represents Knowledge and Learning.

Black: Represents Raising Standard of people.

White: Represents Peace and Hope.