Problem Statement

The Statement

Children in Need

About 50% of children in South Sudan are illiterate with 15% of the remaining twenty percent as semi-literate and 5% literacy in the children population. Besides illiteracy, about 10% of the entire children population are street children. This is not by choice but because of being left orphans, unattended to upon losing their fathers and mothers during the prolonged civil war. This can also be a result of being abandoned by their parents, who were conscripted into the army, which in turn made them ignorant and irresponsible.

The Members

The aforementioned issues subject children to streets life due to lack of parenting and thus lack of self-reliance. Majorly, they are bound to depend on other well-wishers who provide them with martial assistance. Therefore, there is a need for a support organisation to support these children from the encumbrance.