CYDAI Primary School (CPS)

The primary School is now on going well serving orphans and widows in South Sudan, this is a great blessing, the school is in need of help to create more skills to children and widows who are in need of food and shelter. the cydai organisation is seeking help to raise the standard of children.

Christian Youth Development Agency International (CYDAI) is Non-governmental organization founded on 11th May 2011. It was registered on 4th July 2018 vide Registration Certificate No. 196 by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Northern Bahr El Ghazal in South Sudan. CYDAI is a faith based community-based organization with the objective of supporting and improving the lives Orphans and Widows in five states in South Sudan (Jubek State, Aweil State, Lol State, Wau State and Bentiu) and also in Kenya and Uganda. CYDAI is currently running and orphanage in Aweil which provides feeding accommodation and education to 50 orphans. In Kenya, CYDAI is supporting 6 orphans with the payment of tuition fees for their primary school education.

CYDAI is seeking partners that can offer technical and financial support so that it can be effective and realize its vision of supporting widows and orphans. Individuals and organizations that can offer capacity building and funding for projects will facilitate CYDAI to attain its objectives of improving the lives of vulnerable orphans and widows. CYDAI recently launched its website ( where more information about CYDAI is available.

CYDAI Orphanage and Widows Training Centre (COWTC)


1.      Project Summary. 3

2.      Project Background. 4

3.      Justification. 5

4.      Project Goal: 6

6.      Project Strategy/Approach. 6

7.      Results and Outputs. 7

8.      Project activities & Implementation plan. 7

9.      Plan of Activities/Framework. 7

10.   Sustainability. 8

11.   Impact of the project 8

12.   Project Monitoring and Evaluation. 8

13.   About CYDAI. 9

14.   The Project Budget 10

1.     Project Summary

Implementing Agency Christian Youth Development Agency International
Project Title CYDAI Orphanage and Widows Training Centre (COWTC)
 Project location Aweil Town Aweil Central, Northern Bhar-El-Ghazal State, South Sudan
Period of implementation 6 months
Development Objective The goal of this project is to provide a conducive Caring Home, learning environment and basic learning facilities for 100 orphans and a tailoring training centre for widows.
Immediate objectives Provision of free and accessible learning facilities to 100 orphans so as to motivate them towards basic formal education.Provision of 2 classrooms, 1 administration block, accommodation facilities and 2 hostel facilities to 100 orphans by the end of the project.Provision of Christian education to 100 orphans on bringing them up with Christian values.Setting up of a tailoring training centre for widows.To avail to the orphans and widows the Gospel of Salvation of Jesus Christ and challenge them to take up His Cross and follow him through training in exemplary Christian leadership and moral standards
Beneficiaries 150 Orphans and 50 widows
 Budget US$ USD 133,630.92
Contact Person and Address: John Wek Wol Puot Executive Director Christian Youth Development Agency International Tel: 254-710-907 289/+211 922 291 569 E-mail:

2.     Project Background

 The impact of the Darfur conflict and the civil war in South Sudan has resulted in thousands of the refugees fleeing for safety from Darfur to Aweil Area. There are numerous cases of children who have lost both parents crossing over without proper intervention plans to rescue their future. The Government is restoring law and order in most areas in the South and has set in motion a widespread, decentralized democratization process. The issue of Darfur is still hanging in the balance with cases of deaths and abuse of human rights being reported on daily basis.

Since South Sudan is emerging from the civil confrontation, which has killed about 2.5 million persons and displaced over 4 million of her population leaving hundreds of thousands of children orphaned, and because of the continuing killings in the Darfur region, our immediate neighbours, it is important to provide safety nets that will support children by preparing them for the future challenges. The signing of the CPA in 2005 has brought with it many challenges, which has seen people; compete for the scarce resources that are available in the region, following the return of the South Sudanese refugees who had escaped the war to the neighbouring countries and northern Sudan.

This scenario has put the fate of hundreds of thousands of orphaned children at a very high risk. Poverty coupled with the high level of insecurity in the Darfur region has complicated the situation further.

It’s upon this backdrop that the Christian Youth Development Agency International is proposing to establish an orphanage and widows training centre in order to provide a shelter and learning place for oprhans and also provide tailoring training for widows. By empowering the orphans and widows with education and tailoring skills we shall not only prepare them for self-reliance in life, but also enable them to acquire positive Christian foundations that shall help them to coexist peacefully in the community through forgiveness and reconciliation. This project will initially target 100 orphans and 30 widows and provide them with shelter, education, counselling, food and training.    

3.     Justification

Many regions of South Sudan have experienced far-reaching consequences of the conflicts with children and women being the most affected and vulnerable group in the process. It’s estimated that 90% of the people in these regions are poor and illiterate. Lack of schools is not only a problem in the rural areas but also in the urban centers. More significantly is the girl child whose case has been worsened by socially discriminating norms. With the recent attained peace in the South and the subsequent formation of the Government of National Unity between the government and the rebels, many people including children are now streaming into the region for resettlement. This has in turn magnified the problem by inevitably overstretching the minimal basic services that may have been available for the host communities. The Aweil region though rich in untapped resources, lack a literate population to help steer its development agenda. This will require for an urgent and timely establishment of the basic learning facilities as a starting point towards reintegration and livelihood recovery processes.

It’s important to mention that the Civil War in South Sudan has further led to an increased influx of IDPs in Aweil central posing a grave challenge to the available resources. That is why the children capacity and potential needs to be developed so that they can improve their standards and be aware of positive roles in the society. The civil conflicts have left many children vulnerable and helpless orphans and has also resulted in many women becoming widows after losing their husbands.

Many families have been left scattered and even once very strong extended family bonds no longer exist. Many of these children therefore find themselves lone rangers in what one would describe as their found homes without anybody to provide for food or education. It’s no wonder that in most families children between the ages of 6-12 years inevitably become the household heads, striving to sustain their younger siblings. Young girls are forced to marry off to elderly husbands for the sake of wining daily bread. In some instances, such children have been known to be caregivers to their ailing stepparents, either maimed or disabled during the civil conflicts. This can lead to long-term possible and serious psychological trauma in the children themselves.

CYDAI is currently supporting about 50 orphans with feeding. The orphans come to the CYDAI church every Tuesday and Saturday and they spend the whole day at the church. During their stays they are fed by being given breakfast and lunch and they are also taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Within the church are a number of widows that need to be given tailoring skills that they can use in future for income generation though the provision of tailoring services to people in Aweil Town.

4.     Project Goal:

The goal of this project is to provide a conducive Caring Home, learning environment and basic learning facilities for orphans in Aweil Town and a training centre for widows as a way of contributing to the country’s efforts towards reintegration and livelihood recovery processes.

  • Specific Objectives
  • Provision of free and accessible learning facilities to 100 orphans so as to motivate them towards basic formal education.
  • Provision of 2 classrooms, 1 administration block, accommodation facilities and 2 hostel facilities to 100 orphans by the end of the project.
  • Provision of Christian education to 100 orphans on bringing them up with Christian values.
  • Setting up of a tailoring training centre for widows.
  • To avail to the orphans and widows the Gospel of Salvation of Jesus Christ and challenge them to take up His Cross and follow him through training in exemplary Christian leadership and moral standards

6.     Project Strategy/Approach

This project will have two key components. These will include the (i) construction of an Orphanage and Training Centre (ii) Equipping of the Orphanage and Training Centre.

i) Setting up of an orphanage and Training Centre.

For the purpose of providing basic education to 100 orphans, the project intends to start an orphanage and training centre in Aweil Town. The centre will have several buildings that will include two offices, two classrooms, one tailoring training unit, kitchen, two dormitories, a dining hall, a borehole and pit latrines.

i) Equipping of the orphanage and Training Centre.

After the construction of the centre, the project will embark with equipping the centre with the necessary furniture and equipment. The equipment will include 100 students desks, 100 student chairs, 5 office desks, 5 office chairs, blackboards, learning/teaching materials, 50 sewing machines, tailoring training materials, cooking pots/pans, utensils (plates/cups).

7.  Results and Outputs

At the end of the projects the following results will have been delivered.

  1. 2 classrooms, 2 administration offices, 4 pit latrines, 1 tailoring training unit.
  2. 100 orphans will have been registered and admitted to the orphanage.
  3. 50 widows registered for tailoring training
  4. 1 borehole drilled and providing water to the orphanage and training centre.

8.     Project activities & Implementation plan

This intervention will requiresubstantial input both in terms of human and material resources.

9.     Plan of Activities/Framework

Months 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Community sensitization and mobilization              
Hiring of a Building Contractor              
Procurement of construction materials              
Construction of orphanage and tailoring Centre              
Purchase of Equipment              
Admission of orphans and tailoring trainees              
Project Monitoring and evaluation              
Project Reporting              


While the construction and equipping of the orphanage and tailoring training centre will be donor funded, CYDAI will strive to ensure that the orphanage and training centre will continue operating in a sustainable manner. Self-sustaining programmes will be introduced in the orphanage for the purpose of generate income and producing food for the orphans. A mixed farm will be started at the orphanage that will comprise of keeping of dairy cows and planting of sorghum, maize and assorted vegetables. Other income generating progammes to be introduced at the centre will include grinding mill and poultry keeping. For the tailoring unit to be sustainable, the trainees will be charged a fee that will be used to buy training materials that will be used for the tailoring program

11.Impact of the project

This project will go along way in alleviating the suffering of orphaned children. The project will ensure that orphaned children especially the girl children are brought up in an environment conducive for learning. The enrolment of these children in the orphanage will protect them from social vices like child labour, early marriages and other forms of mistreatment.

The project will also be beneficial to the neighbouring community in that children from this community will have access to education at the orphanage. The orphanage will ensure that children enrolled in the school are instilled with Christian values that will eventually be benefit to the local community. Widows and other women in the area will also benefit from the tailoring centre that will be used to develop their tailoring skills.

12. Project Monitoring and Evaluation

The project will use continuous participatory monitoring and evaluation of the project activities for the purpose of putting checks and balances. It will then be easy to identify the limitations and milestones of the project in time for possible adjustment. The project manager will act as the immediate link between the implementing agency and the donor and will ensure that financial checks and expenditures are as specified in the project budget and as required by the funding partner. The project manager will also be expected to issue intermediate and final project reports. The project manager will convene meetings with the stakeholders to address issues touching on the progress of the project. It’s in such forums that areas of weaknesses and strengths will be pointed and measures put in place to correct or ensure continuity. The project monitoring structure will culminate into mid and end term evaluations and will be used assess the impact made by the project and the extent of its success.

13. About CYDAI

Christian Youth Development Agency International (CYDAI) is a community based organization (CBO) that was registered on 4th July 2018vide Registration Certificate No. 196 by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Northern Bahr El Ghazal in South Sudan.

Christian Youth Development Agency Int’l CYDAI is Non-governmental organization founded on 11th May 2011 with registration number 196. CYDAI-CBO is a church and community-based organization for Orphans and Widows as well as community protection project with coverage to four states in South Sudan Jubek State, Aweil State, Lol State Wau State and Bentiu. CYDAI offer humanitarian and social development to Orphans, Widows and communities in South Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda. The Organization/community-based Organization provide technical, educational and materials assistant to poor Orphans and community. It was established by group church intellectuals

The CYDAI community-based organization was founded to eliminate the spread of the children living on the streets and promoted the concept of community development. It was establishment as a response to the spread of Orphans/ children living on street and widows in various towns in South Sudan at large.

The main objective of Christian youth development agency international CYDAI is to revive the Orphans and widows and communities as well as greater upper Nile, Barh-el Ghazal and Equatoria region who are in condition of need hardship huger as result of civil war in South Sudan economic crisis.

14.The Project Budget

Budget items Unit/Times Quantity Unit Cost Total (USD)
1. Construction Materials 
Cement Bags 400 50  20,000.00
Timber Ft. 1500 1.5    2,250.00
Nails Kgs 100 1.5       150.00
Ridges Pcs 25 5.5       137.50
Wood preservative Litres 7 1.5         10.50
Gutter and clips Pcs 50 8.       400.00
Wooden window Pcs 20 15       300.00
Iron Sheet Pcs 300 30    9,000.00
Paint Ltrs 75 5.5       412.50
Wooden Doors Pcs 10 25       250.00
Door locks Pcs 10 10       100.00
Water tanks (10,000liters) Pcs 5 1200    6,000.00
Wheel barrow Pcs 10 50       500.00
Cedar posts Pcs 100 5       500.00
Iron sheets Pcs 100 40    4,000.00
Hard core Lorries 20 100    2,000.00
Sand Lorries 20 100    2,000.00
Borehole Drilling   1 15,000  15,000.00
Electrical Cabling and Bulbs          2,000.00
Transport of Materials Truck 2 2000    4,000.00
Sub Total $69,010.50
2. Labour (Construction) 
Contractor Fee   4,000.00
Unskilled labour 5 10 150 7,500.00
Sub Total $11,500.00
3. Equipment 
Tables Pcs 5 200 1,000
Beds Pcs 110 50 5,500
Beddings Pcs 110 45 4,950
A generator Pcs 1 3000 3,000
Fuel for generator drum 4 300 1,200
Office Chairs Pcs 5 40 200
Office cabinets Pcs 4 150 600
Office stationary Assorted 1,500.00
Classroom desks/chairs Pcs 200 30 6,000.00
Writing materials Assorted 3,000.00
Text books Pcs 300 6 1,800.00
Sub Total 28,750.00
GRAND TOTAL 109,260.50
Admin Cost (4%) 43,070.42
Total (USD) 133,630.92


COWTC Administration Meeting

The CYDAI COWTC administration had a meeting on 16th February to make more proper plan on how to get more donor to support the widows and orphans under the organisation.

The meeting was attended by 12 people namely: Peter Thou – The headteacher, Akot Majak – Deputy headteacher, Marko Deng Ayany – General Secretary, William Reech Wek – Deputy secretary, Mary Abuk Wol- Treasure, Lino Majok Anguei – Deputy treasure, Santino Majok Deng – Sports, Elizabeth Anguer Wol – Sports Deputy, James Akok Akoon- Agriculture and Martha Akuol Athiit – Deputy Agriculture.

The members suggested that arrangements be made to dig a borehole that will provide the school with water.