CYDAI Primary School (CPS)

The primary School is now on going well serving orphans and widows in South Sudan, this is a great blessing, the school is in need of help to create more skills to children and widows who are in need of food and shelter. the cydai organisation is seeking help to raise the standard of children.

Christian Youth Development Agency International (CYDAI) is Non-governmental organization founded on 11th May 2011. It was registered on 4th July 2018 vide Registration Certificate No. 196 by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Northern Bahr El Ghazal in South Sudan. CYDAI is a faith based community-based organization with the objective of supporting and improving the lives Orphans and Widows in five states in South Sudan (Jubek State, Aweil State, Lol State, Wau State and Bentiu) and also in Kenya and Uganda. CYDAI is currently running and orphanage in Aweil which provides feeding accommodation and education to 50 orphans. In Kenya, CYDAI is supporting 6 orphans with the payment of tuition fees for their primary school education.

CYDAI is seeking partners that can offer technical and financial support so that it can be effective and realize its vision of supporting widows and orphans. Individuals and organizations that can offer capacity building and funding for projects will facilitate CYDAI to attain its objectives of improving the lives of vulnerable orphans and widows. CYDAI recently launched its website ( where more information about CYDAI is available.

COWTC Administration Meeting

The CYDAI COWTC administration had a meeting on 16th February to make more proper plan on how to get more donor to support the widows and orphans under the organisation.

The meeting was attended by 12 people namely: Peter Thou – The headteacher, Akot Majak – Deputy headteacher, Marko Deng Ayany – General Secretary, William Reech Wek – Deputy secretary, Mary Abuk Wol- Treasure, Lino Majok Anguei – Deputy treasure, Santino Majok Deng – Sports, Elizabeth Anguer Wol – Sports Deputy, James Akok Akoon- Agriculture and Martha Akuol Athiit – Deputy Agriculture.

The members suggested that arrangements be made to dig a borehole that will provide the school with water.